Kaunas’ Photography gallery, 2019


Svetur II_Kaunas_mz Svetur II_Kaunas_2_mz Svetur II_Kaunas_3_mz

“In Other Places”

January 5 – February 4, 2019 collective exhibition “Svetur” in Kaunas Photography Gallery.

The exhibited works are by Ieva Baltaduonytė, Pauliaus Butkus, Sigitas Baltramaitis, Valus Sonov,  Vytenis Jankūnas, Algimantas Kezys ir Jonas Dovydėnas.


“Prospekto” photo gallery, 2018

Svetur II_Vilnius_mz

“In Other Places II”

2018.10.30 – 2018.11.17
The exhibitions cycle „In other places“ presents Lithuanians artist, who live and create abroad. In this second part the artists of the middle generation are being showed. The left Lithuania in the last decade of 20th century, and began their creative way in Lithuania. The eshibition exposes the mutation of artists‘ creation, looking for new motives and ways of expression.Three artists are presented here – Sigitas Baltramaitis, Vytenis Jankūnas and Darius Kuzmickas. The common motive of their works – method of repeating, multiplication of views, and ritualic whispering.


April in London, 2018

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Trip to Israel, 2017


At the end of  2017 I went to Israel to see with my own eyes the ancient living history of mankind and the exceptional surroundings.

DSC01714 DSC01813 DSC01770 DSC01732 DSC01683   Negev desert

DSC01904 DSC01897 DSC01929  Dead sea

DSC01961 DSC01954 DSC01949 DSC01969

DSC01974  Jerusalem

DSC02011 DSC02025 DSC02024  By the sea of Galilee

DSC02068-Recovered DSC02076

DSC02082 Tel Aviv



Ramybė gallery, 2015



“Kaleidoscope of New York City”, September 5 -27 in Palanga, Lithuania. “Ramybė” gallery Vytauto st. 35.




Šlapeliai house-museum, 2015


 “Kaleidoscope of New York”,  July 29 – August 23, 2015   in Vilnius (Marija and Jurgis Šlapeliai house-museum, Pilies g. 40). These double-exposure colour photographs depict the daily life of New York in a multifaceted way. 

Cover 11782533_10207498553245405_1499127348865235598_o 11791954_10207511160800586_3661013514020036874_o 11794399_10207508431692360_5890315569965218055_o11794297_950719584983364_4889409389582401259_o 11792147_10207508432452379_8479843676176236774_o




Q-14, Vilnius 2014


In November-December a few photographs from my series “Kaleidoscope of New York” took part in the 3rd Lithuanian contemporary art quadriennale. Exhibition took place at the Artillery Bastion of Vilnius Defensive Wall (Bokšto St. 20/18), which is part of the National Museum of Lithuania, and at Arka Gallery (Aušros Vartų St. 7) in Vilnius.


More info:  http://kvadrienale2014.lt/sigitas-baltramaitis/


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Book, 2014



In 2014 I published a book of my black and white photographs of Vilnius from the 80-ies. The book bears the title “Vilniaus senamiestis ir jo gyventojai” (Vilnius old town and its residents) and can be purchased here: http://www.amazon.de/Vilniaus-Senamiestis-Ir-Jo-Gyventojai/dp/300046428X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1427107627&sr=8-1&keywords=vilniaus+senamiestis







Vilnius Photographic Gallery, 2014


In July-August my black and white photography series “Vilnius old town and its residents” was presented to the Lithuanian audience (in Vilnius Photographic Gallery, Stiklių 5, Vilnius), after being shown in Switzerland in 1993. These photographs of my hometown, taken in the 80ies, depict the life that in Soviet times officially did not exist.


More info: http://www.photography.lt/en.php/Exhibitions?id=596


pakvietimasGalerija_12 Galerija_2 Galerija_8 Galerija_5 Galerija_10




European Parliament and European Commission, 2013



On the occasion of the Lithuanian Presidency of the EU Council my exposition “Lithuania: nature, people, architecture…” is being shown in European Parliament and European Commission buildings in Luxembourg. I chose to represent my country by these three aspects – its nature and landscapes, its people and its architectural buildings, both urban and rural (altogether 80 photographs). Some photographs were taken some twenty years ago, some were brand new.

Print  Fellerich_2  Fellerich_3  Fellerich_9  Fellerich_8   Fellerich_12  Fellerich_15  Fellerich_19





Marija and Jurgis Šlapeliai house-museum, 2012


In July‒August my series “Colors of India” was exhibited in Vilnius (Marija and Jurgis Šlapeliai house-museum , Pilies g. 40). This series emerged after my journey to India in 2000. These large and colourful double-exposure photographs depict the life in India which freely pours into the camera and blends into expressive pictures. Different things: the children happily playing outside without any toys, the  mundane textures,  the animals grazing on the litter and the dignified people patiently doing their hard labour could join into unusual coexistence but  the feeling remains that it’s all permeated by a nourishing and supporting harmony.


Indijos spalvos spaudai  Indija_2  Indija_1  Indija  Indija_4  Indija_5