A step is one of the most ordinary daily actions. Without thinking of it, we take hundreds, even thousands of steps every day while our mind is busy with the outside world or plunged into the thoughts. Seldom is a step just a step, a conscious walking through a particular space in a particular moment of time. I wanted to explore more closely what do we step onto with every step we take.
An abandoned railway somewhere in Denmark now serves as a rail-bike for tourists. One grayish morning I was walking on this railway – taking steps from one sleeper to the next. With every step I took I shot a new sleeper in front of me. In the beginning it felt like a game, yet gradually I became fascinated with the variety slowly unfolding beneath my feet. Every piece of wood seemed more interesting than the previous one. I was absorbed and driven by curiosity – what next?
In my series “Step” I tell a story of an ordinary railway, which could be in any part of the world. Many years ago it was laid by hard-working men, now it is abandoned, slowly disintegrating into the nature. Every photograph is dedicated to one sleeper, each of them being different and unique. Every step is a measure of space, a moment of cognition, every sleeper is a part of the created structure that is now disintegrating. All things created sooner or later disintegrate away.